Love and the Epiphanists (35mm film, plus live performance elements)
Timeless Motion (with Timeless Motion artist team) (various media, 2016)
Mutable Commute (with Allison Leigh Holt) (four VCRs, two projectors, other media, 2014)
Treasures of Big House (with Allison Leigh Holt) (various toys, media, 2014)
Nocturnal Symmetries (with Allison Leigh Holt) (two 16mm projectors, audio, 2014)
Compressive/Percussive (two digital projectors) (2011)
Mutable Commute (three VCRs, three monitors, 2001)
Learning to Breathe Above Ground (Super-8mm film, tape recorders, 1985)
Straddle (Super-8mm film, tape recorders, 1984)
Touchtone (2 16mm projectors, bed, pajamas, 1983)